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Hey all, I'm Jessica. I didn't imagine myself a farm wife living in rural Kansas. When I graduated from college I envisioned living in a bustling city, dining in restaurants, spending time with my friends, and working at a graphic design company. We can lay the groundwork for the life we think we want, but sometimes life gives us something we didn't know we needed. I'm choosing to embrace growing where I've been planted.

I was raised in the heart of Kansas with two older brothers. Ever the tomboy in my youth, I grew to love competitive sports and valued hard, physical work. Home to me is a 3 acre plot outside of Whitewater, Kansas, where my farmer husband and I raise our two kids. We grow wheat, corn, soybeans, triticale, and hay.

I am a graphic designer by trade, a mom and wife by choice, and a gardener by birth. Everything I have learned about growing, harvesting, cooking and preserving food, I learned from my mother and grandmother. My grandma Cline grew up in the Great Depression. She was a resilient soul, who worked incredibly hard to feed and clothe her family.  This blog is dedicated to her, in hopes of honoring the memory of the greatest woman I've ever known.

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