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Katie Brandt

As a mom of two young kiddos, it's hard for me to find time to research all the aspects of homesteading I want to learn about. Sometimes it feels downright impossible. Thankfully, Lauren and Jessica have done all the work for me and put everything I need to know in one place! The New Homesteader's Handbook is full of information about all aspects of homesteading, and does a great job of providing methods for those living in the country, as well as those in the suburbs (like myself). It's laid out in a beautiful and easy to understand format, and has lots of hands-on things I can try while waiting for my dream property. I now feel less overwhelmed and more confident that I can learn any new homesteading skill I put my mind to!


Allie Gooch

This really is a fantastic resource for beginners. It’s organized and simple, but has really great info! Literally the hardest part in the beginning is knowing where to start and this lays it all out and walks you through it, simple and clear. When it came to homesteading, the hardest part for me was knowing where to start. This resource is perfect for beginners because a little of bit of every topic is covered with simple yet valuable information, printable lists and recipes! I know this resource will give encouragement to those who have a heart for homesteading and a boost of confidence to jump in, wherever they are at.


KyAnn Molina

This guide is so well thought out, BEAUTIFUL to look through, inspirational, and truly just very practical with all the resourceful tips and instructions. If you want to jump into homesteading skills that you could do with ANY amount of land, this is the resource you need to gain so much knowledge and expertise on gardening, cooking from scratch, chicken keeping, preserving and canning the harvest, and so much more. The guide is honestly more than worth it for just the amount of delicious recipes in it alone!! All in all, 10/10-I highly recommend for anyone interested in homesteading!

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